INSIDE Secure launches EMV-compliant smart card reader microcontroller

EMVCo Level 1 Type Approval

INSIDE Secure, a provider of semiconductor solutions for secure transactions and digital identity, is launching an EMV-compliant smart card reader microcontroller (view press release). Developers who base the design of their smart card readers on the device, dubbed AT90SCR200, will be able to attain EMV Level 1 Type Approval for their products. The EMVCo Level 1 Type Approval process tests compliance with the electromechanical characteristics, logical interface and transmission protocol requirements defined in the EMV Specifications.

The INSIDE AT90SCR200 can be used to create a bridge between a contact or contactless smart card (when used with an RF interface) or USB smart card and the host processor in a variety of card-based systems, including contact USB PC-Link smart card readers, smart keyboard, PinPad, embedded readers and laptop smart card readers and conditional access modules. 

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