Softgate Systems and Pay-O-Matic to create single source payments platform


Partnering Pay-O-Matic

Retail bill payment solutions provider Softgate Systems and The Pay-O-Matic Corporation, have announced that the two companies are working together to build an enhanced new payment platform for use with Pay-O-Matic’s independent agents.

As a result, the new solution will create a fully integrated platform that leverages Softgate’s bill payment processing engine and combines the two companies’ complimentary products like expedited payments, prepaid wireless, international top-ups, and prepaid debit cards. Both companies’ retail agent networks will be able to offer their customers an expanded array of services due to the coming together of these two in-person payments providers. Those using Pay-O-Matic’s current agent software will transition to POMLINK™, a single source solution, powered by Softgate, which will support all their payments needs.

“Softgate Systems is a recognised leader in retail payment processing and Pay-O-Matic is known for delivering valuable products to consumers and financial services providers.  It was a natural fit for us to work with Softgate so that we can give our independent agents enhanced technology that will result in a superior customer experience,” said Robin Miles, CEO, Pay-O-Matic.  “We are focused on providing value to consumers, both directly and through our agent network, continuously delivering innovative ways to drive store traffic and build customer loyalty.”

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