VerifyValid turns iPhones into checkbooks with new app


VerifyValid, a provider of electronic check payments has announced the launch of its Mobile Checkbook app which is available from the Apple App Store.

The app provides consumers and businesses with a simple-to-use mobile payment channel that avoids card interchange fees and provides the security and convenience of checks. VerifyValid’s Mobile Checkbook app also enables businesses and consumers to write, approve, sign, receive and deposit checks from their iPhone or other iOS device.

“While consumers gain the freedom to pay for goods and services directly through the Mobile Checkbook app, our business customers experience greater convenience in accepting payments anytime, anywhere without incurring costly interchange fees associated with card transactions,” said Paul Doyle, founder and chief executive officer of VerifyValid. “With our free starter checkbook, users can see the power and convenience of eChecks firsthand.”

“Based on growing instances of card network breaches, we saw a definite need for an advanced payment solution that builds upon traditional check payments to better serve and protect businesses and their customers.” Added Doyle.

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