Chennai Metro explores contactless payment

chennai metro

The State Bank of India is currently in discussions with Chennai’s metro system regarding the development of a new contactless payment card for use on its services.

A report by the Times of India has revealed that the proposed card would work like a normal debit card, but would also contain a chip to allow users to pay for their metro ride by contactless payment. Contactless cards use radio frequencies to connect, meaning that customers can touch a card onto a reader rather than having to manually enter a card into a chip and pin reader. The immediacy of the payment can make it a convenient way to pay for journeys, by touching cards at barriers.

Chennai, which is the capital of India’s Tamil Nadu, is one of the country’s most populous cities. By creating a new card product that features a dual functionality for commuters, the State Bank of India hopes to attract more customers to the bank, according to the Times of India.

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