Oink partners with online games company Smilegate


Virtual Piggy, provider of Oink payment technology, has partnered with Smilegate West, a subsidiary of Korean gaming company Smilegate Inc.

Oink will provide secure payment options for players purchasing within Smilegate’s game library, which includes the world’s number one free-to-play online game, CrossFire, which boasts 400 million registered users and generated nearly USD 1 billion in revenue last year.

Oink offers the only payment technology platform designed to allow retailers and game publishers to reach consumers aged under 21 in a safe, legal and effective manner compliant with the FTC and other international regulations. The technology serves as a digital family wallet that is available online or via mobile and allows safe, secure transactions within parental controls.

The partnership with Smilegate is the latest in a series of deals Oink has formed with video game companies in 2014, including Wargaming, Ubisoft and Woozworld, to deliver payment solutions to gaming teens and their parents.

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