Ingenico and Intel partner to add payments to IoT

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The Ingenico Group and Intel Corporation have announced a partnership that will incorporate payment technology into the Internet of Things (IoT).

Intel and Ingenico will jointly develop a mobile tablet that supports EMV and NFC payment functionalities to help combat credit card fraud. By combining expertise such as Intel’s CPU technology, along with Ingenico’s payment acceptance capabilities, they will be able to develop new technology that will assist banks and retail merchants.

As well as improving how fraud can be detected, the partnership will vastly improve the IoT, as beneficial services will be developed, such as intelligent vending machines, kiosks and digital signage.

‘‘This is a great example of how innovation can simplify the purchasing experience and further enhance the merchant-consumer relationship. Bringing secure payment into connected devices will root our payment acceptance expertise in the Internet of Things, ’said Philippe Lazare, chairman and CEO, Ingenico Group.

This announcement will certainly give retailers much more choice and accessibility when it comes to the IoT and digital payments, as Lazare also states that the affiliation ‘‘can simplify the purchasing experience and further enhance the merchant-consumer relationship.’’

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