Saxo Payments partners up with Allied Wallet


Saxo Payments, the global transactions provider, has partnered up with Allied Wallet, an online payment processing and global merchant services solutions provider, in order to increase market growth.

Under the agreement, Allied Wallet has agreed to join Saxo Payments Banking Marketplace. Allied Wallet said the agreement will allow it to streamline its processes of accepting payments, as well as making settlements in multiple currencies around the world.

“Through our global banking platform Allied Wallet can access the worldwide markets in multiple currencies to fulfil their plans for rapid expansion,” said Anders La Cour, Chief Executive Officer for Saxo Payments.

Allied Wallet processes online payments and provides merchant services solutions to mobile and online businesses. The company wanted to initiate global relationships and the partnership with Saxo Payments will mean the company can now make payments and settlements in more currencies.

“As we continue to expand, Allied Wallet needs a competitive foreign exchange solution for a wider range of currencies,” said Andy Khawaja, Founder and CEO of Allied Wallet.

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