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The payments space and wider finance industry is arguably at the most exciting point in its evolution. While the future remains uncertain, it seems all the stakeholders – from processors to banks to regulators to customers to merchants have different idea of what that future will look like.

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November 2016

Focus: Paying lip service to “innovation”

Synopsis: Everyone’s talking about it, but who’s actually doing it? Today it seems every bank and financial institution is welcoming startups, with new hackathons, incubators, innovation labs and sandboxes cropping up every week. But how much of this is cosmetic? What are the challenges of collaboration? Who’s making meaningful partnerships and who’s just looking for headlines? We take a look.

Suggested article topics:

  • Key partnerships between incumbents and innovators
  • Generation challenger: Who are the fintechs working with fintechs?
  • Banks: ‘End of days’ narrative overplayed?
  • Challenger banks – how innovative is their technology?
  • INFOGRAPHIC: Accelerators around the world



December 2016

Focus: B2B Payments

Synopsis: B2B payments are the wheels upon which the world’s economies turn, but they don’t enjoy as much time in the limelight as their consumer-facing cousins. This month we dive into the state of B2B payments, who the key players to watch are and explore the ongoing challenges around cross-border and faster payments.  

Suggested article topics:

  • In focus: The state of B2B payments
  • Helping the little guy – new tools for SMEs
  • Cross border payments – still a mess?
  • Real-time payments – what’s the hold up?
  • 2016: a year in review



January 2017

Focus: Predictions for the year ahead

Synopsis: 2016 was a rollercoaster of a year, and 2017 is shaping up to be just as interesting. From a date for Brexit to the inauguration of president-elect Trump, we’ll look at how the big political events of the year will shape payments, as well as considering what the defining technologies and trends are likely to be.

Suggested article topics:

  • A date for Brexit: what will the triggering of Article 50 mean for fintech?
  • What might financial innovation look like under a Trump presidency?
  • The rise and rise of contactless – can contactless keep gaining momentum, or will it inevitably slow?
  • Up-and-coming innovations in payments – which will be the ‘star’ of 2017?



February 2017

Focus: Fintech February!

Synopsis: This month, we’re focusing on all things fintech, with a particular spotlight on fintech in Asia. Singapore, Hong Kong and mainland China have all put themselves on the fintech map with considerable investment in fintech startups and fintech-friendly regulation environments. Where will they be going next? Which other countries in Asia should we be keeping an eye on? Which are the hottest new ideas coming from Asian fintech? We take a look.

Suggested article topics:

  • Fintech startups in Asia: ones to watch
  • Asia vs. Europe: similarities and differences
  • Blockchain in Asia
  • Spotlight on South East Asia – the movers and shakers



March 2017

Focus: The future of retail banking

Synopsis: The last few years have seen an influx of cutting-edge technologies that are revolutionising the way banks conduct business. In particular, there has been a rapid rise of alternative and additional banking channels which give consumers a host of new, convenient and secure ways to carry out banking activities. This month, we take a look at what those are, and what they mean for the future of retail banking.

Suggested article topics:

  • Biometrics in banking: Are they immune to fraud?
  • Banking wearables – What are they, and how do they work?
  • The rise of online peer-to-peer lenders
  • Social media and banking
  • The most innovative new banking apps



April 2017

Focus: All about cash

Synopsis: Are we seeing the death of cash? Well, it depends where you go. Brits carry less than £5 in cash in their wallets, but in Canada cash is still king – for now. In the midst of constant innovation in contactless, mobile and wearable payments, will cash cling on or is it on the way out?

Suggested article topics:

  • Paper-based payments: the state of cash and cheques
  • Competitors to cash: How online and contactless payments are changing our habits
  • The countries where cash is still king
  • A new breed of banknotes – have polymer banknotes succeeded in combating fraud?
  • The death of cash: Will it happen in our lifetime?