NFC sticker maker Tagstand raises USD1.1m

San Francisco-based near-field communication (NFC) startup Tagstand, which produces and distributes customised NFC stickers, has secured USD1.1m in an initial funding round. Contributed by a host of angel investors and networks, including SV Angel, TEEC and Israeli venture fund Vaizra Investments, the cash will be used to maintain the company’s growth, which the firm says currently stands at 50% month-on-month. Over 20,000 Tagstand stickers have been sold to date, with a third of orders coming from business clients and the remaining two thirds from individuals.

NFC allows smartphone owners to access web content by tapping their phones on specially designed stickers. Tagstand’s hardware offers a URL-shortening and redirection service similar to, which allows stickers to be re-configured for different addresses after being deployed. The technology is expected to take off with advertisers as it becomes integrated into an increasing number of handsets over the coming months and years, with significant growth already occurring in markets such as Australia, where Tagstand has worked with supermarket chain Coles to launch a series of ‘smart-posters’.

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