PayPal partners with MYOB to bring e-commerce to small businesses

Paypal and MYOB partner

PayPal is partnering with business software firm MYOB to help bring small businesses online and start taking payments from their websites, as e-commerce continues to see huge growth. Under the deal, PayPal will process payments generated from the sites, while MYOB manages the “e-commerce starter package” programme, which includes social forums where small business owners can interact as well as help centres to provide guidance.

The program is aimed at upping online engagement, allowing clients to add newsfeeds and links to social networks as well as integrating payment portals and banner ads. The service will be free for the first year, with the firms claiming that businesses can start taking payments in less than an hour. MYOB says that it is planning to link the programme to its cloud-based accounting platform in the near future.

The firms claim that the move comes as the number of small businesses with a web profile begins to decline, down from 31% in 2009 to 29% last year. This comes despite the fact that online retail grew 12% year on year, according to PayPal. “By providing these businesses with the ability to be online and transactional within an hour, we believe we are removing the barriers holding some small businesses back,” says MYOB CEO Time Reed.

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