iPod Touch to be used as Mobile PoS in Sephora

Luxury retailer Sephora is implementing software designed by RedIron and Agilysys to provide its sale staff with iPod touch PoS. Associates in its NYC store have fully switched, and use it as their only PoS terminal. The shopping experience “is more about shopping, finding the right product with some assistance and getting out of the store quickly,” says Dorothy Watson, account executive at Agilysys. The new service was trialled last September in its Manhattan store, and expanded to its other stores over the following months, and has so far received great positive customer feedback.

Agilysys was project manager while RedIron’s 2Mobile software provided the Web services framework for the integration of the PoS business functions with the mobile software by Agilysys, Next Position. This follows the multinational beauty retailer’s release of its Sephora to Go iPhone app, which provided customers with access to its mobile site, as well scanning and reminder features, to create a more interactive customer experience for its shoppers, both while they are in the store, and out.

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