Ingenico and iMobile3 team up to push Ingenico’s Mobile Retail Platform

A partnership between the mcommerce technology and payment solutions companies will be used to power Ingenico’s new Mobile Retail Platform (iMRP) with its launch in the States. The platform will combine Ingenico’s iSMP, the first EMV Chip-enabled mobile payment service, with iMobile’s innovative technologies, to allow customers tailored one-to-one in-store experiences. Alongside this, consumers will be able to pay by NFC-enabled mobile devices, contactless or magstripe swipe.

The iMRP will be showcased next week at the Annual National Retail Federation in New York, where it is sure to get a buzz as it is trying to revolutionise retail as we know it. Ingenico has recently been partnering on several projects around the world, including its partnership with MasterCard to provide transport payment solutions in Turkey, alongside projects in Nigeria and Australia with the Central Bank of Nigeria and Coles respectively. All projects are in contactless payments.

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