RationalFX launches new online payments website, Xendapay.com

The independent foreign exchange company, RationalFX has recently launched Xendapay.com, a cheap method of transferring money around the world. The website enables customers to send up to 10% more money for the same price when compared with the high street money transfer outlets.

Customers can send up to £2500 in each transfer, which can be made at any time and in one of the following 8 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish and Chinese. The website is more competitive than the high street as there are no agents or branches charging for the service, money is transferred using least-cost routing and exchange rates are obtained wholesale on the currency markets.

Online standard transfers are not charged and online express transfers cost £9.99. Those who wish to send more than £2500 can upgrade to Xendpay+ at no extra cost.

The website is also launching a partner service with banks overseas to enable unbanked customers to collect cash via bank outlets.

UK consumers transfer up to £4 billion each year with the majority going to the Asian sub-continent, the Caribbean, Africa, China and Eastern Europe.

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