Motion and MagTek launch new mobile payment solution for retailers using the CL900 SlateMate tablet

Global provider of tablet PCs and supporting mobility solutions, Motion Computing, and global electronic payments security technology developer, MagTek, are making QwickPAY, a secure mobile payment solution, available for the Motion CL900 SlateMate tablet, with Magnetic Stripe Reader and Barcode Scanner. QwickPAY will enable secure transaction processing from anywhere in the store via the CL900 SlateMate thus providing retailers with a mobile, end-to-end point-of-sale solution.

Transactions are processed via the CL900 SlateMate’s integrated Mag Tek Secure Card Reader Authenticator. Having swiped the card the customer signs using the CL900’s digitizer pen and payment is made. The vendor can also run standard or customised reports on the mobile platform.

Bill Rorick, MagTek vice president, commented of the technology: “By combining the secure payment functionalities of QwickPAY with the mobility and information collection capabilities of the Motion CL900 SlateMate, we’re creating a solution that benefits both retailers and their customers because it creates efficiency and speeds up the transaction process while still remaining absolutely secure.”

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