Tides turning in social gaming developments

With the launch of Pirates: Tides of Fortune exclusively on Google+, the social network has released its third social game which is beginning to etch away at Facebook’s social games dominance. Developped by Plarium, it joins the Kabam-created Godfather: Five days, and Gameloft’s GT racing: Motor Academy, though even these combined are unlikely to clinch the top social game spot from the reported 200 million online players on Facebook.

The social sphere in Facebook is by no means calmer, however, as the battle for top spot of Facebook game developper heats up between EA and Zynga. The new game in question is Risk:Factions, created by Hasbro, and as social gamers are continually on the rise (70% in the last year) there is a lot to play for. Even more so, since recent data from flowtown.com has shown that the average gamer is earning a steady income (45% over $50k) so they will be pulling in better profits.

All this added to a backdrop which VentureBeat revealed that online gaming VC funding has increased 47% to USD1.54bn for 2011.

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