LoyalTree and LionWise partner to revolutionise Mobile PoS Loyalty programs

LoyalTree and LionWise have partnered to produce a unique mix of Mobile PoS and loyalty solutions. The new product, set to be released early in 2012, will integrate LionWise’s transactional data available to its clients, with LoyalTree’s rewards mobile app for retailers. The combination will produce live loyalty solutions, based on consumers’ transactions. InStore purchases will be tracked, and more specific rewards and discounts can be offered to the relevant customer. “An important benefit is the ability to track a larger percentage of consumer purchase history …point-of-sale transactions tend to be largely anonymous. With the ability for a consumer to enroll and participate simply by using a QR code, merchants can get greater insight into their sales and build stronger bonds with their customers.”, says Scott Filiault, the President of LionWise.

There is certainly an innovative approach this partnership brings. “We’re confident that it is going to revolutionize the way businesses build lasting, beneficial relationships with their customers well into the future.” says LoyalTree CEO, Brock Bergman. The simplicity for customers comes from the fact that no new hardware needs to be introduced. QR codes are used to activate the currents rewards system with LoyalTree.


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