PayGo and Georgia Power collaborate to provide ‘pay as you go’ electric service

Smart grid software and solutions designer PayGo is working alongside US utility giant, Georgia Power, on a trial programme to assess the commercial viability of launching a prepaid electric service to its present and future customers. The project aims to combine PayGo’s technology with Georgia Power’s system by integrating logic into it’s communication modules, smart metre or server to alert both customer and provider in real-time when the account is running low and needs topping up. The technology will operate on Georgia Power’s established system as well as a nationwide payment processing platform, offering both traditional and modern payment methods such as mobile PoS (Point of Sale). In this way, customers will have the freedom to top-up through a variety of methods such as online transfers, retail outlet stores and their smart phone grid app. The technology allows customers to keep continuously up-to-date with their account status and top-up as and when is convenient for them, without having to leave the house. According to PayGo, the system employed will be similar to the wireless market, where 20% of customers use prepaid payment options.

PayGo claims that industry studies suggest prepaid customers save 10% more on their bills than traditional account holders therefore making it both more sustainable and economical. David Elve, a partner at PayGo commented of the project that “providing customers with an option of prepaid electric service will enable Georgia Power to improve consumer satisfaction through increased consumer control over their consumption and improved energy efficiency, while it provides them with additional payment options… similar to their cell phone plans.”

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