Indian Mobile marketing expanding strategies

Since TRAI (Telecom Regularory Authority of India) released new regulations on SMS limits last year, several Indian mobile marketing companies are releasing new solutions to tackle the restriction. MobiQuest, SMS Country and Netcore Solutions are all coming up with different ways to engage their  customers. This also follows’s recent shutdown, citing as a direct consequence the new TRAI regulations, imstricter limits on SMS marketing. was owned by Netcore Solutions.

Netcore has moved into email marketing, as there is more data to be picked up from it. This is because they have the technology to track whether an email has been read, and whether its link has been accessed. This accompanies the digital marketing provider’s partnership with Verisign, which is due to release , a mobile inbox that is released online, provided to every indian mobile phone user. This then allows the user to block and select messages which he wants, and firms can target the accounts whose users prefer those messages. This bypasses the new regulations.

SMS Country has also begun using e-mail marketing. Its head of marketing, Nisha Parikh, has announced two marketing products to be released soon. MobiQuest, on the other hand, has expanded on its mobile coupons and loyalty rewards solutions, while SMS Country believes Indian consumers are not ready for this new technology. The expansion covers a platform, allowing the mobile user greater control of the content it receives, including brand promotions and transactional alerts. It has also released a platform for firms, called M’Loyal, which allows them to track visiting customers, and map them to their purchases. Then mobile coupons are sent to relevant users, and points are built up.

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