Mozido and T4G continue partnership to develop the former’s mobile wallet platform in Canada

Mozido, a Dallas based global multi-channel financial services (mFS) provider for mobile network operators, retailers and financial institutions, is extending its partnership with T4G, a Canadian technology service company, to improve Mozido’s mobile wallet services platform in Canada. The two enterprises have been collaborating together over the past year to launch a multi-channel transaction services platform in the Caribbean and will be continuing their working relationship for the foreseeable future with the announcement of this new project. Mozido’s mobile payment network enables customers to make money transfers, pay for goods and services and purchase airtime using their wireless enabled device such as the iPhone, Android or Blackberry. Rick Braddock, Chairman of Mozido LLC, exclaims that this is a “strategic partnership to advance our global plans to provide a broadly-based mobile payment platform. “ The mobile wallet is expected to see exponential growth in the coming years with numerous players implementing the technology and competing for market share. Google has already released the Google wallet allowing customers with Android devices to make payments through their NFC enabled smartphones. Apple is expected to launch its mobile wallet product for the iPhone this year.

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