VeriFone’s mPOS technology is revolutionising the high street shopping experience

VeriFone is launching a new generation of mobile payment solutions, including new mobile technology, multimedia, payment paradigms and cloud based services, which are set to dominate the marketplace and transform the shopping experience. The new technology is the MX 900 series, the latest product from the VeriFone MX series which 70% of the leading 200 US retailers already employ. The MX 900 series expands and the retailer’s point of sale (PoS) with a roaming payment solution using tablets and smartphones, bringing payment to the customer anywhere in the store. Accepted payment methods include traditional cards, PIN, EMV smartcards and NFC-enabled smartphones.

New York based woman’s retailer, C. Wonder, is already embracing this new mPOS technology, removing all traditional POS software and fixed registers in favour of a mobile-only checkout system. The new system operates on VeriFone’s GlobalBay Mobile POS and Payware Mobile Enterprise solutions and is intended to create a more interactive, personalised in-store dynamic between merchant and customer and reduce queuing and cash register overheads. The technology also increases points of payment which in turn increases the volume of transactions, alleges VeriFone.

Other retail stores incorporating this next generation payment service in the US include Brighton Collectibles, Guess and Eastern Mountain Sports.

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