Indian government announces plans to implement m-governance framework for public departments and services

As part of its National e-Governance Plan (NeGP), the Indian government is planning to develop its own app store through which consumers will be able to access all government departments and agencies as well as pay for public services such as taxes and bills directly from their mobile phones. All government departments and agencies will become mobile compliant, the service will be implemented on mobiles with any type of operating system (including JAVA) as per the Government Policy on Open Standards for e-Governance, and the app store will have uniform, pre-determined numbers for all e-government services to make the service as user-friendly as possible.  

The payment platform, Mobile Services Delivery Gateway (MSDG), will be developed with the Department of Information Technology (DIT) and will provide the infrastructure for the payment of public services from the mobile phone.

According to the governments Framework of Mobile Governance report: “The m-Governance framework of Government of India aims to utilise the massive reach of mobile phones and harness the potential of mobile applications to enable easy and round-the-clock access to public services, especially in the rural areas.” Over 870 million people in India use a mobile phone so m-governance is a valuable paradigm through which to connect with the population. The Vision Statement of the NeGP intends for the system to “Make all Government services accessible to the common man in his locality, through common service delivery outlets, and ensure efficiency, transparency, and reliability of such services at affordable costs to realise the basic needs of the common man.”

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