Pakistan: MCB, Euronet launch EMV card

MCB Bank and Euronet Pakistan have launched the first EMV debit card in Pakistan. This follows MCB’s partnership with Nokia last year, which extended MCB’s push into mobile banking, allowing its customers to access their accounts and pay their bills by mobile. Ali Mubashir Kazmi, the bank’s head of consumer banking, has been quoted as saying

The banking group’s head of consumer banking, Ali Mubashir Kazmi, said: “Euronet systems are highly flexible, robust and yet at same time have readily available modules to launch new initiatives in this rapidly evolving payment processing arena. MCB is proud to have Euronet as its technology partner. We already have a comprehensive plan in place for steady progress towards being able to offer best electronic banking services”

Euronet Worldwide, which is the owner of Euronet Pakistan , which is based in Karachi, Pakistan, is moving further into emerging markets, including recent acquisitions in Poland and Romania for ATM services and PoS merchant services.

EMV Debit cards provide more security by embedding account information and cardholder data in a secure microprocessor.

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