Skrill unveils new technology for one tap mobile payments

Martin Ott and Nikolai Riesenkampff, co-founders of Skrill

Skrill, the London based digital wallet provider formerly known as Moneybookers, is bringing to market the Skrill 1-Tap, a new device that connects with Skrill’s e-wallet and enables consumers to pay for goods with one tap of their mobile phone on check-out. The first time consumers make a purchase in a Skrill connected retailer they will need to insert their payment details as normal; they can then activate Skrill 1-Tap and make all future transactions in that store with one tap of their mobile device. Skrill is also developing its card processing Quick Checkout Enterprise payment suite through the introduction of a new HTML5 payment gateway designed for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The gateway allows merchants to process payments on any mobile device, be it through a mobile website or smartphone app. Through responsive design, the gateway automatically re-sizes itself for optimized viewing on all types of device (tablet, smartphone, etc) it is used with.

Other features of Skrill 1-tap include all information displayed on one page, no card details stored on the device, security code to confirm payments and instant field validation.

Martin Ott, co-CEO at Skrill observes that “for many on-the-go consumers, the idea of using their mobile to enter payment information appears difficult and time-consuming.” According to Ott, Skrill 1-Tap’s intention is to “make m-commerce more convenient, opening up new business channels and giving customers a seamless mobile shopping experience.”  

Research from shows that 33% of UK smartphone users made a purchase on a mobile device in 2011.

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