Sequent Software introduces new technology providing app developers’ access to NFC

Sequent - NFC enabling

Sequent Software, a San Francisco based mobile near field communication (NFC) software and services provider is launching new technology in the form of Core Card Services (CCS). CCS facilitates the implementation of NFC for app developers, enabling any mobile application to incorporate NFC based operations such as payments, ticketing, coupons, and ID badge access.

Sequent outlines the following uses CSS could be employed for:

  • Banks can incorporate NFC payments with existing mobile banking apps
  • Merchants can integrate NFC payment, loyalty programmes and coupon redemption with their current mobile apps
  • Travel or cinema  apps can add NFC tickets and payment to their schedule-centric apps

With regards to security, the cardholder’s data and personal information is never handled, stored or viewed by Sequent itself. The customer’s sensitive data is kept physically and digitally secure by a trusted software layer installed between the device’s secure element and the mobile app. According to Sequent, CCS only enables authorised apps to access the customer’s protected data.

Results from a study compiled by app research firm Flurry Analytics revealed that 1 billion apps were downloaded by Apple and Android devices between 25th – 31st December 2011, yet less than 5 mobile wallet apps included NFC payment capabilities. Sequent CEO Drew Weinstein says CCS will change this by “enabling app developers to build new apps with NFC experiences and to integrate NFC within apps that consumers already use and trust.”

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