Impark and Visa team up to provide contactless parking payments in Canada

Impark and Visa partner

Canadian parking management company, Imperial Parking Corporation (Impark), is going into partnership with Visa Canada to introduce Visa payWave contactless payments to 72 of its 2000 or so parking locations around the country. The new system will be implemented this month and will replace traditional parking metres and attendants with a ‘wave and go’ contactless reader. Additionally, customers will be able to pay off parking fees and balances directly from their bank accounts online, on the telephone or by mail order using Visa Debit, a one-step system of debiting funds online without having to log into your bank account.   

Impark also offers a ‘Pay by Phone’ service whereby customers are able to purchase parking by swiping their mobile phones against a reader. Customers can connect the service to their bank account through Visa Debit. Once the purchase is made, billing is automatic and customers can access or receive reports online or by email. Impark monitors its locations with wireless handheld devices so parking is validated instantaneously.

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