DIMOCO expands mobile payment network into Europe

DIMOCO expands into Europe

Austrian mobile payment service provider DIMOCO is expanding its mobile payment network to cover another six European countries including Russia, Finland, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden and Spain. DIMOCO was founded in 2000 and specializes in billing micro amounts via mobile network operators; its mobile transaction hub operates by bundling mobile operator connections and providing them to business customers to bill their virtual and digital content. The company’s expansion, which is to take immediate effect, will expand DIMOCO’s network to reach 19 countries and approximately 583 million people. CEO Gerald Tauchner points out that the expansion will connect the company with another 313.2 million mobile subscribers and claims, “we’re well on the way to achieving global coverage.” 

DIMOCO states that m-payments are particularly compatible with new industries such as browser games, social networks, online media, app developers and online dating providers, which appreciate quick and easy payment methods. The company recently announced a 261% increase in mobile payment transaction volume in the virtual goods sector.

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