Event Payment Services accredits WeRaiseIt with merchant credit card processors

WeRaiseIt accredited with merchant card processors

Event Payment Services, set up by BancCard Financial Services’ (BFSI) in 2006 to provide online fundraising solutions for non-profit organizations, has accredited its web portal payment gateway WeRaiseIt with the following merchant credit card processors:

  • Cardworks
  • First Data Nashville
  • Global Payments-Canada
  • Paymentech-Salem
  • Elavon
  • First Data Omaha Interlink
  • Paymentech-Tampa
  • EPX
  • Global Payments-East
  • MeS Trident
  • Vital (TSYS)

The WeRaiseIt portal is designed to bring together the providers and technology required for nonprofit organizations to build and design their own website and host online fundraising events such as online auctions, which can include such details as registering silent auction donations and building and printing catalogs and bid sheets. Visitors to the website can donate, make advanced reservations, purchase event tickets, pay sponsorship fees and participate in online auctions. The portal also generates invoices, thank you emails and reports.

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