HID Global tests the use of NFC-enabled smartphones for digital identity keys

HID pilots NFC-enabled smartphone digital identity

HID Global, a secure identity solution provider, has completed a pilot of NFC-enabled smartphone digital identity keys at Arizona State University. The pilot was implemented using HID Global’s SIO technology, part of its next generation iCLASS SIO-enabled credential and reader platform, a technology that transforms the manner in which secure identity data is delivered and managed. Students used NFC smartphones containing HID Global’s iCLASS SE credential technology to gain access to their residences through swiping their phones against the door reader, as they would their campus ID cards. A variety of smartphones on all the major mobile networks were tested. The project was carried out in association with ASSA ABLOY Americas, Device Fidelity, Kratos/HBE, Research in Motion and Verizon Wireless, and demonstrated how NFC has the potential to go beyond cashless payment solutions and benefit mobile access control technology.

Using NFC for mobile access has received broad support across the industry with many players recognising it as the future of physical access and committing to its development, integration and deployment. Chris Corum, Founder and Executive Editor of Avisian Publishing thinks that with regards to the mobile wallet, the most important security issues lie with building ID and access cards. He goes as far to say “physical access and identity are going to prove to be equal to – or more important than – payments in the long run for NFC.”

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