Turkcell and INSIDE Secure: NFC adoption and its range of capabilities


Turkcell, a Turkish communications and technology company, has launched what it claims to be the world’s first SIM-based, Near Field Communication (NFC) road toll payment application. The technology is being implemented in collaboration with Asya Bank and is currently only compatible with Turkcell’s own branded smartphone, the T11. Instead of carrying plastic transmission cards (KGS) and making visits to the bank or road toll payment points, Turkcell’s T11 customers can request a Bank Asya KGS application and upload money from their mobile phones using Turkcell’s mobile wallet application, Cep-T Cuzdan. The NFC based Cep-T Cuzdan platform operates in conjunction with MasterCard PayPass and is currently compatible with applications from three Turkish banks, Yapi Kredi, Garanti and Akbank as well as BlackBerry Bold 9900 smartphones in Turkey. 

In France, semiconductor solution provider INSIDE Secure announced today that it is integrating its NFC solutions into a (yet to be disclosed) leading manufacturer’s next-generation smartphone, which is due to be introduced by mid-year. The company alleges that the smartphone will run on one of the most widely used mobile operating systems and will incorporate the INSIDE MicroRead NFC controller chip and INSIDE Open NFC protocol stack software. It is claimed the smartphone will deliver a range of NFC capabilities such as making payments, using public transport, exchanging virtual business cards and pairing Bluetooth devices and Wi-Fi networks faster.

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