Facebook signs deal with Bango to implement mobile payments and operator billing

Facebook collaborating with Bango

Facebook today signed a deal with UK based m-commerce payment service provider Bango to incorporate mobile payments and operator billing into the Facebook app. Bango is a mobile payment service provider and specialises in mobile billing for app stores and publishers, as well as mobile analytics. The company currently provides mobile solutions for RIM’s Blackberry App World, EA Mobile, Gameloft, Telefonica UK and it is in talks with Amazon. Although neither party has yet released details of the agreement, the deal is a clear sign that the social network giant is looking to further monetise its mobile payment platform through enabling users to purchase virtual products and services such as apps and credits and have them charged to their phone bill.

Facebook also hinted when filing its IPO last week that it would start monetising its mobile products through targeted advertising. Rumours are circling that the company intends to introduce ‘sponsored stories’ whereby companies highlight Facebook pages or friends posts on a user’s page so there is a higher chance they will be seen.

With 425 million monthly active users of its mobile app, it will be interesting to see the impact of Facebook’s movements to further monetise this arm of the business.

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