Gemalto launches solution to assist US banks make transition to EMV

Easing the migration to EMV

Digital security company Gemalto is launching the Dexxis EMV instant issuance card solution, a new in-branch solution designed to facilitate and accelerate the transition to EMV for US banks. The solution assists banks by enabling them to issue and activate new and replacement cards at the branch rather than having to send them out by mail. Dexxis instant issuance personalises EMV cards on site by securely performing smart card chip and magnetic encoding, plastic printing and embossing and adding the necessary data processing and key management. The solution can be run directly from the bank’s servers or as a managed service. By issuing the cards in-branch cardholders can choose and set their PIN instantly and banks can educate customers about the uses and benefits of EMV in person. EMV migration still has a long way to go in the US, according to the Nilson report from December 2011 there are close to one billion magnetic stripe cards currently in circulation.

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