Plastic Jungle and Incomm partner to drive gift card value

Driving gift card value

Plastic Jungle, a web-based gift card exchange, is partnering with gift and prepaid product innovator Incomm to increase consumer and merchant value from gift cards. The partnership will integrate the two companies’ processing platforms giving gift card issuers access to Plastic Jungle’s consumer base through the internet and other electronic and mobile channels that are being developed. Plastic Jungle’s platform will also be extended to Incomm’s gift card partners, including gaming, restaurants and traditional merchants. The platform will allow gift card merchants to ensure their cards are used in full and will enable them to accept a wide range of prepaid and digital currencies. InComm President and CEO, Brooks Smith, states that “the secondary market in gift cards is growing quickly and represents a new way for merchants to increase the profitability of their gift card programmes.”

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