Modiv Media launches new mobile-social coupon sharing solution

Modiv Social

Modiv Social, the new solution launched by in-store mobile commerce solution provider Modiv Media ( is the latest enhancement of the company’s retailer-branded mobile shopping solution, Modiv Mobile (see press release). Modiv Social enables retailers to offer a mobile ‘coupon wallet’ that consumers can load up from any couponing source (web, retailer, mobile, digital) and share coupons with friends through Facebook.

Modiv Social also offers the ability for retailers to track, monitor and analyse the lifecycle of shared coupons. This allows them to measure the impact of offers, identify ‘shopping influencers’ and reward coupon sharing shoppers based on factors such as the number of friends who redeem a shared coupon.

Nick Holland, a Senior Analyst at Yankee Group points out that “the ability to enable positive viral promotional capabilities, connect shoppers to each other and bridge the in-store environment to the highly networked social universe is a significant advancement for mobile shopping and retailers.”

Modiv Social will become available this quarter for merchants to integrate with their Modiv mobile shopping app. It is due to be piloted by Modiv’s newest retail client next quarter.


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