AllTrust Networks launches Retail Connect

Retail Connect

Retail Connect is a web based point of sale (POS) service providing retailers with a single, compounded front-end service that manages their financial service offerings. These offerings include check cashing, walk-in bill payment, money transfer, prepaid services and money orders. (view press release)

Retail Connect also integrates with AllTrust’s check cashing service Paycheck Secure, providing the ability to complete POS purchases and check cashing in a single transaction. The solution will be offered as a software-as-a-service subscription (SaaS) model and can be branded so large retailers and service providers can extend their product whilst expanding their financial services offering.

AllTrust CEO John Dorsey says “retailers will immediately benefit from the streamlined service counter and improved back office efficiency, as well as appreciate the expanded service offering and fee revenue opportunities.”

In the next phase of development, the software and service provider is looking to collaborate with financial service brands to provide bill payment, money transfer and prepaid cards.

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