Dynamics wins Best of Show at FinovateEurope 2012

Third Consecutive Best of Show

The next generation payment device innovator went home with its third consecutive Finovate Best of Show win thanks to its Chip and Choice technology. The decision was based in a vote made by over 550 European financial executives. (view press release)

Chip and Choice technology is claimed to be a remedy for EMV’s software fragmentation problems. The card includes two chips, one exposed and the other embedded. Two payment options can be selected by the cardholder, use credit or use points, by pressing buttons on the card. The secure embedded chip then writes a temporary chip profile into the exposed chip based on the cardholder’s choice. By translating dynamic data to EMV readers in a format they can understand the card enables payment applications even when the reader does not support the application. The Dynamics Electronic Stripe is also included on the card and linked with the secure embedded chip so can convey the cardholder’s selection at any terminal as well.

The Dynamics Chip and Choice and Electronic Strip technology can be used in any country with EMV penetration.

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