Paymotech brings mobile payment service to Mexico

Mobile Remittances

The telecom and mobile payment solution provider is entering an agreement with Boundless Payment Solutions and Mi Adelanto Corporativo to introduce its mobile payment service, Paytoo, to the Mexican market. (view press release)

More remittances are sent by Mexicans living in the US than anywhere else in the world. The Paytoo mobile wallet will allow mobile phone users in Mexico and the US to send credit, add credit to their families’ prepaid mobile phone and pay bills directly from their phone.

Paytoo will also enable Mexicans living in the US and Mexico to set up a free prepaid bank debit card that will be compatible with a wide network of ATMs and can be used to purchase goods or services in store and online.

Boundless Payment Solutions MD Gil Hooper states that their goal “is for any person to walk out of their house with only a cellphone and be able to pay bills, call anywhere in the world or top-up a cellphone…”

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