EU and US regulators ratify Google’s Motorola purchase

Google's largest purchase to date

EU and US regulators have approved Google’s USD12.5bn acquisition of Motorola Mobility, as the search giant’s largest purchase to date draws a step closer to completion. EU regulators believe that the deal will not hamper competition in the market, though competition commissioner Joaquin Almunia warns that officials will keep a close eye on the firms, particularly relating to the use of patents. The US Department of Justice has also given the acquisition the green light, echoing the EU’s views on competition. China, Taiwan and Israel are yet to rubber stamp the deal, though Google’s shaky relationship with the Chinese government is likely to prove the largest remaining obstacle.

Google VP, Don Harrison, hails the EU approval as an “important milestone” in the closing of the deal, adding that the company’s use of Motorola will “supercharge” Google’s mobile operating system, Android. Lingering concerns are likely to remain among Google’s rivals over its use of Motorola’s patents, though Google has already pledged to uphold antitrust policies on patent licensing if the deal closes. Google announced the purchase of Motorola Mobility in August, just eight months after it was spun off.

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