O2 and Isobar team up to launch ‘Isobar Create London’

NFC Accelerator Event

The open event is the UK’s first NFC ‘accelerator’ showcase and will provide UK developers with an opportunity to win development funding and marketing support to bring their ideas to market through O2’s global development platform, BlueVia (view press release). The event is a 36 hour challenge in which developers must build an app incorporating an innovative and creative use of NFC technology. Contestants will be asked to develop the app for one of the following industries: retail, sporting events, finance or leisure and entertainment.  

The apps will be scrutinised by a panel of esteemed judges in the tech world from companies such as Isobar, 02 and Blackberry. High profile speakers such as Google Europe’s head NFC engineer, Brendan Marry, will also be talking.

Dom O’Brien, head of innovation at Isobar summarises the occasion as an “open event for the best developers and designers to come together to accelerate knowledge and understanding of how NFC will impact sporting events and the leisure and retail industries.”     

The event will take place at Shoreditch Studios in London from 8am on Saturday 24th to 8pm on Sunday 25th March.

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