AsiaPay launches new online fraud detection solution


The new solution is called ePayAlert and it provides a real time control monitoring and fraud protection service (view press release). The solution is designed to improve fraud management and minimise the risks connected with card-not-present transactions for services such as banks, payment service providers, airlines and hotels. The solution can be customised to meet a business’s specific requirements and can be offered either as an online service, white-labelled hosted service, or total solution licence model. Key features of the service include: data format checking, blacklist control, geographical checking, velocity checking, transaction limit checking, historical negative record checking, risk scoring, real time alert and a real time reporting console.

Joseph Chan, CEO of AsiaPay, claims the company’s new solution enables risk managers and analysts to concentrate on fraudulent transactions whilst speeding up valid orders by “providing the ability to customise their own risk parameters, extend risk alerts via email or SMS, and download detailed reports and statistics with additional in-depth analysis.”

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