Zipmark launches Developer Programme for online and mobile transactions

New Developer Programme

The mobile and online payment service provider’s new product, the Zipmark Biller API, provides an online and mobile payment system for businesses and app developers enabling real time authorised checking transactions (view press release). The solution can be integrated into online payments and is designed to facilitate billing and the collection of money for businesses by removing the labour cost of dealing with mailed-in and bounced checks. It is a cheaper processing alternative to credit/debit cards.

The Developer Programme can also help developers integrate payments into their apps. The Zipmark iPhone app, to be debuted at South by Southwest Interactive, allows users to make payments such as rent, fees and subscriptions from paper invoices using QR codes.

Zipmark CEO and founder Jay Bhattacharya says “our goal is to simplify the way business gets paid. There are so many inefficiencies in the payments system right now… which we see as a major opportunity. We want to give product developers an ideal payment mechanism: low-fee, high utility, fast settlement.”

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