Inside Secure and Sunward Telecom to showcase NFC SIM card innovation

NFC for legacy phones

The NFC upgrade solution fits into the standard size SIM card of a non-NFC mobile phone and can communicate at 4cm with contactless readers compliant with the ISO 1443 and EMVco standards (view press release). The solution enables the simple upgrade of basic phones to NFC and aims to accelerate NFC adoption in countries with a large base of legacy mobile phones. The solution will soon be rolled out to customers in China.

Eddie Kwok, CEO at Sunward Telecom, says the solution “has all the components, including the antenna embedded in the SIM card, and will allow mobile service providers and their customers to conduct contactless payments and other proximity transactions using NFC without purchasing a new phone or other alternative NFC device.”

Inside Secure and Sunward Telecom will be showcasing the solution at the Mobile World Congress in suite AV72.

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