The Logic Group and VIVOtech partner for interactive in-store solution

In-store interaction

Using NFC technology, the strategic partnership will endeavour to provide effective in-store interaction services from the moment a customer enters, to the POS and post purchase. The partnership will integrate The Logic Group managed services for multichannel payments, couponing, loyalty management and fraud prevention with VIVOtech’s NFC mobile touch, mobile wallet and Trusted Service Manager technology. (view press release)

Merchants will be able to customise the services and deliver them to customers in real time through their mobile phones. Services include enticing customers with check-in smart posters, shelf-tags and targeted offers, providing a ‘tap and go’ payment system and loyalty scheme and developing customer relationships post sale through personalised promotions. Merchants can also use the service to gain insights into customer behaviour and analyse the effectiveness of marketing strategies.

Consumers on the other hand can load their card details onto their mobile phones and shop interactively, accessing product information and reviews, receiving and redeeming offers and earning loyalty points by tapping their mobile phone on NFC enabled touch points around the store.

Antony Jones, Chief Executive of the Logic Group says “the combination of VIVOtech’s mobile technology and NFC powered solutions with our secure payment, loyalty and vouchering services means we can offer clients an opportunity to innovate, implement quickly and realise the potential of mobile commerce within the customer experience.”  

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