Inside Secure and Morpho team up to launch “SIMply NFC Revolution”

SIM-based NFC bridge solution

The product is a SIM-based NFC bridge solution designed to bring NFC capability to the large base of mobile phones around the world that do not have built-in NFC support. The product differentiates from other NFC bridge solutions such as flexible antennas or contactless stickers in that it does not require any external change or retrofit of the mobile device. (view press release)

Paul Naldrett, senior vice president of telecoms, e-documents division at Morpho explains that the “solution enables mobile subscribers to be introduced to NFC without the need to change their phones. By inserting the SIMply NFC-Revolution into their handset, they can immediately benefit from a full set of NFC features without any external additions to the handset. We are convinced this is the way to bring NFC to mass markets.”  

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