Stream Media enhances in-app payment solution MoVend


The enhanced solution now supports Android Market in-app billing and Amazon Payments, providing an integrated payment SDK for app stores around the world and enabling local payments for consumers (view press release). The enhanced MoVend solution enables developers to integrate Android Market in-app Billing and Amazon Payments into their solution in 10 minutes with one SDK and one line of code. Stream Media claims developers usually spend around 2 to 3 weeks implementing Android Market in-App billing into their apps. The solution was developed in response to the Android ecosystem being highly fragmented and providing numerous barriers to the selling of apps in foreign markets.

MoVend has also recently teamed up with around 15 independent, OEM and network carrier app stores to distribute applications in their store fronts. Developers can sign up with MoVend to have their applications featured in these app stores.

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