Identive unveils new line of NFC transponders

FeliCa Lite Solutions

The new products are based on Sony FeliCa Lite chip technology and will be compatible with all four global NFC types (view press release). FeliCa Lite is designed to make high volume NFC applications more economical by having a more compact, energy saving design than traditional FeliCa chips as well as a more optimized file system and streamlined security features. The news coincides with the NFC and Smart World conference in Tokyo this week, where Identive will be showcasing its FeliCa Lite solutions for SmartCore card application technology and NFC Forum Type 3 engineered inlays for tag and label applications.

Scott Austin, Vice President International Sales of Identive’s Transponder Division said the company “plans to expand its smart FeliCa Lite offerings to include smart tag, sticker and label offerings in the near future. We are pleased to be expanding our range of NFC designs to include FeliCa technology and to strengthen our NFC transponder offering with an important technology that is in demand by our customers and NFC developers worldwide.”

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