Airtel Partners with 60 Merchants for Airtel Money

Mobile Wallet

Indian telecommunications giant, Bharti Airtel is partnering with around 60 retailers in the Indian North Eastern states and Assam (NESA) for ‘airtel money,’ its recently launched mobile wallet service. Participating merchants in the region, including Subway and Baskin Robbins, will now accept payments through Airtel money alongside traditional methods.

Airtel money is being rolled out nationally through Bharti Airtel’s wholly owned subsidiary Airtel M Commerce Services. Customers can use the service to load funds onto their mobile phone and pay utility bills, make online transaction and shop at brick and mortar stores. George Mathen, Bharti Airtel CEO of NESA says, “The national roll out of Airtel money will fulfil a much required need in the marketplace for a mobile-based wallet service that provides customers with the ability to transact and transfer money at the press of a button.”

The service is now available in 300 cities around the country.

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