Apple receives patent for ‘Parental Controls’

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The patent, granted by the United States Trademark & Patent Office, relates to Apple’s hotly anticipated NFC mobile payment service, the iWallet. The patent, originally filed in January 2009, is based around a system that enables parents (or employers) to monitor mobile spending through a prepaid subsidiary account using ‘e-wallet’ software. Parental controls are outlined in the patent as follows: “the financial transaction rules may be based upon transaction amounts, aggregate spending amounts over a period, merchant categories, specific merchants, geographic locations or the like.” In this way, parents will be able to control which merchants their children make payments at, alerting them when payments are made or blocking the transaction completely. ITunes will be the hub through which the flow of money is managed.

Apple is rumoured to have been developing its mobile wallet solution since 2010 but is yet to release an NFC enabled devices. On being granted the ‘Parental Controls’ release however Patently Apple exclaimed that “the iWallet project just became a little more real today.”

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