SafetyPay selects ZipZap for e-commerce cash payment option

Online purchases in cash

The partnership will give online payment solution provider SafetyPay access to ZipZap’s cash preferred customers around the world (view press release). ZipZap’s CashPay solution enables consumers to make online purchases and pay in cash offline at one of the company’s 700,000 global payment centres. SafetyPay will be offering the ZipZap cash payment method to all the industries it serves but will be focusing especially on providing partners in the travel sector with a way of extending their online travel services to the cash preferred. Alan Sefahi, founder and CEO of ZipZap, says SafetyPay chose  ZipZap in order “to offer cash-preferred consumers worldwide the ability to pay for airline and travel tickets in cash – something this consumer segment has traditionally not been able to so.”

The World Bank currently states that around 50% of the world’s population does not have access to banking or credit whilst a report from Javelin research estimates that 30% of consumers will spend more online if they could pay in cash.

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