BGW Services develops mobile wallet for churches

Donations via SMS

The solution, called MoPin, allows church goers to make tithes or donations via SMS from their mobile phone (view press release). Donations can be made at anytime from anywhere their phone has reception and the service provides an option to set up SMS auto-payments and reminders so people can automate their weekly donation. All donations are processed securely and require a four digit PIN for authorisation. Due to it being an SMS solution, no hardware or software is required and the service operates on basic as well as smartphones. The service takes 24 hours to set up and donated funds take a few days to become available.  

Daniel Cook, founder of Building God’s Way Services (BGW), explains that they developed MoPin to “allow phone users to easily and securely tie their mobile number to payment information so that with a simple text message they can make a tithe or donation to their church.”

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