Best Buy hires former Starbucks CIO, Stephen Gillett

Hired to transform

Gillett will enter the role from 14th March as executive vice president and president of Best Buy digital and global business services (view press release). As CIO at Starbucks, Gillett was behind the chain’s wifi and mobile payments initiative and was pivotal in  improving customer service through the use of innovative technology and digital experiences. Last year Gillett was named as Information Week’s “Chief of the Year,” and featured in both Fortune magazine’s “40 under 40” and “Executive Dream Team” lists.  

At Best Buy, Gillett will head up the company’s ecommerce businesses, information technologies and global shared services, and will manage the use of technology in enhancing the customer experience and refining operations and processes. He will be responsible for stimulating growth by improving the company’s global digital strategy, digital marketing, entertainment offerings, multi-channel capabilities and business development.

Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn explains that “e-commerce is one of the fastest-growing sales channels for business as demonstrated by the strong year-to-year online sales growth during the past two quarters and December. We want to build on that momentum and Stephen’s track record makes it clear that he can help us engage customers online in ever more compelling ways.”

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